Real Company Roses Premium

Really devoted to produce premium roses

Yes, we are rose premium producers. We export your favorite roses to your country. Our quality driven standards and practices have consolidated our position in the rose production industry, causing distinction amongst true giants. We set trends on the market with our unorthodox approach to rose varieties. That is what we will be doing & why you love us!

This will help us be the model agricultural company that we want to be.

A trendsetting & transcending rose company.

Premium Quality Standard

More than 2 weeks of vase life

Handpicked & classified

Standing out for greatness

We are a rose firm dedicated to excellence! For over 25 years we devoted our plantation on one sole principle: Quality over everything. From helping develop your favorite rose variety to farming it the way you like, we always made it special. Our passionate work has positioned our company in a premium segment of the flower industry.

Are we passionate about roses? You know we are! 

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“In this company, we truly are different”

Luis López-Founder

A reflection of our company is our philosophy. To always try something “out of the box”, and to address uncertainty in the most creative way. We tend to value that certain sense of ambiguity that comes from creating new groundbreaking practices. Nothing is the same, except for our quality.